I started seeing Gina for Mindrop sessions while visiting London. Gina has a wonderful energy and way of guiding you into your meditation. I was able to switch off and go deep into relaxation, this has really helped me when I practise meditation on my own. Each session left me feeling much calmer and clearer in mind and body.

Lisa Huep
Guest at Chiltern Firehouse

“I have worked with Gina on and off over the last few years to help with my fitness and well-being goals.
More recently I started having Mindrop sessions. I was new to meditation, and if i’m honest, a little sceptical. What I liked about Mindrop for me was that your’e not just sitting in a traditional meditation pose the whole time trying not to think, every few minutes you enter a different stretch or yoga pose and relax into it for your meditation.
The sessions have really helped me to relax and become more present in every day life, giving me more balance between work and family life”.

Areski Iberrakene
CEO - Areski Capital, London

“Gina worked with our polo players to help prepare them both physically and mentally before a match, using yoga, breathing and meditation techniques. This helped them enormously, and they always enjoyed the class and benefits it had on them both on and off the pitch”.

Justin Gaunt
General Manager - St Tropez Polo Club

“I was looking to bring some wellness and meditation into our office and contacted Gina to start a weekly Mindrop class. It was one of the best things I have ever done for my company!
The staff and myself always looked forward to the class, and I could really tell the difference it made to everyone almost immediately afterwards. There was more calm and energy around the office, which seemed to last for days after.

It’s great to combine stretching with a meditation. I would recommend Mindrop to anyone!”

Deborah Lotz
Owner - Jewel Box Platinum Records, LA.